Pothos Plant

3.19.22: Hello! Please note that VivTech's Smart Monitor is a BRAND NEW release. To enhance our products, we will be adding and improving upon the app consistently - if you need any assistance with setup, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will be happy to assist you!

Take your setup to the next level with VivTech’s Smart Monitor App devices! Our high-tech devices, combined with the VivTech Smart Monitor App, allows you to fully control and monitor your habitats from anywhere.

Control Temperature, Humidity, and Lighting

Utilize Smart Actions within the app to create your own unique scenarios that help maintain temperatures, humidity and lighting devices within your habitats.

Monitor Ambient Readings

Our unique Temperature and Humidity sensor can withstand high-humidity environments, making it a perfect addition to any habitat or incubator. Utilize data logs to track temperatures and humidity throughout the day – and take it a step further – control heating or misting devices through our Smart Plug or Smart Plug Plus devices.

View and Capture Behaviors

Choose between our ex-situ (outside-enclosure) camera or our water-resistant in-situ (in-enclosure and outdoor) camera. These cameras are all equipped with motion detection, night vision and audio features - allowing you to see and record behaviors you may not be able to observe during waking hours. With a subscription to VivTech Vision, you can see up to 30 days of footage, allowing you to track breeding and feeding behaviors – and much more!

Smart Monitor Products

Below is a list of current products we have available. Please click on the product that interests you for more information!

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