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VivTech was started out of a deep seeded devotion to and passion for reptiles and amphibians. Founded by Ryan and Erica McVeigh, the passion at the foundation of VivTech for herptiles and other exotic pets is immeasurable. With deep roots and knowledge in pets, we also have a strong dedication to conservation of habitat and in-situ conservation efforts of zoos and other organizations. Because of this, a portion of all sales are donated to both the United States Association of Reptile Keepers and a list of conservation organizations for you to chose from with your purchase.

Pets, Vets, Zoos and Extinction

Our Pillars are involved in all aspects of our business and what we strive to continuously improve on. These are Innovation, Husbandry, and Conservation. Innovation can mean so many things but for us it comes down to energy conservation and reducing our carbon footprint, and making difficult or confusing husbandry ideas easier or using smart technology to build those parameters into our systems making it easier for the beginner. Innovation ties into Husbandry. As we work to move husbandry into the future in a simple yet effective way for all pet owners, we strive to improve upon what already exists while creating some new techniques and ideas along the way. Providing expert level products designed with the biology and natural habits of reptiles and amphibians deeply ingrained but at an entry level price and ease of use is our goal with every product. Lastly, Conservation. While this doesn’t involve our beloved pets, it’s something incredibly important. We are experiencing an extinction event in our lifetime and many species of reptiles and amphibians are disappearing forever before our eyes. Truly loving these animals means conserving their wild ancestors in their natural habitat. Through our support of many conservation and zoological organizations we hope to help keep theses amazing animals around for the future.

VivTech is about updating and improving our ideas about care for these creatures while driving our husbandry techniques to new levels. To push the limits and push towards improvements in caring for these animal in captivity in a way that benefits them and allows us to truly see them thrive and interact with them. Join us on a mission to improve the lives of our beloved pets while supporting the hobby and conservation of their native ancestors with one strong and loud voice!

Video Podcast - Supreme Gecko

In this interview, you will be introduced to some VERY important care items that you probably never new before. This might be the most important reptile / dart frog / live plant video you watch this year! Welcome to the VivTech ERA.

Video Podcast - Dav Kaufman Reptile Adventures

What are the rarest pythons and monitor lizards you can think of? Well chances are Ryan and Erica McVeigh have worked with them. In this video, I tour their reptile room and see some pythons and monitor lizards like you've never seen before! PLUS, It's my pleasure to introduce you all to VivTech, a company that will revolutionize herpetoculture and reptile keeping!

Can Herpetoculture Catch Up to the Aquairum Hobby?

In this episode, Ryan discusses why they decided to start VivTech as well as some of the issues with large corporate reptile brands, as well as the future tech Ryan plans on bringing to herpetoculture within the next few years.