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 Which VivTech Smart Plug is Right for You?


At VivTech Products we have a growing number of products called Smart Monitor Plugs.  These plugs are controllable with our VivTech App which you can find in the Apple Store and Google Store for smart phones.  Currently, the app does not work with desktops or laptops but can be used with tablets.  The VivTech App allows full control of each VivTech Products Smart Monitor Plug, and can be assigned to specific animal environmental needs (“UV Lights”, “Heat Light”, etc).  As long as you have access to Wi-Fi you will have access to your VivTech Smart Monitor Plugs at home!  Talk about versatility and relief!


How They Fit Into VivTech Products’ 3 Pillars

One of the pillars of VivTech Products is Conservation.  We believe that conserving a pet owner or animal keeper’s mental well-being is one of the keys to success.  With VivTech Products, you can feel secure that our Smart Plugs are created with fire resistant materials and internal fuses that will not reset if blown due to a power surge, overloading, or other incident.  Why is this important?  Internal fuses that are allowed to reset run the risk of “failing on” which means that heating elements plugged in could continue to run even if they received damage.  Each plug, whether receiving, or being plugged into your wall, is grounded for additional safety.    When looking for products to satisfy our Innovation pillar, we made sure that that fire and electrical safety were a focus.

Each of our VivTech Products Smart Monitor Plugs (the Smart Plug Classic, Smart Plug Plus, and Smart Power Station) can all operate in rooms that have ambient humidity up to 80% and temperatures up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  These features were considered when evaluating whether the products would meet the Husbandry pillar demands of our exotic pet and reptile community.  In short, never fear, this will work in your reptile room!


VivTech Products Smart Plug Classic

This Smart Plug is perfect for those who keep animals and want to create schedules for lighting, heating, misting, etc.  These plugs are capable of advanced schedule creation!  You can view more information on the specifics or to order, click HERE https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/shop/Smart-Monitor-Smart-Plug-p462415367

If you purchased one of the Smart Plug Classics or you are curious what installation looks like, you can find that information HERE https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/smart-monitor-tutorials/30-smart-monitor-smart-plug-tutorial


VivTech Products Smart Plug Plus

The next generation of Smart Plug is the Smart Plug Plus.  This slick plug is fully compatable with the dimmable feature of the VivTech Products SurSun UVA/UVB LED bulbs ensuring that for every percent the plug dims, the bulb is equally dimming the UVA, UVB, and visible plant light.  These plugs also work with halogen and ceramic heat emitters to reduce temperature with the use of the dimming feature.  To see more specifics on these plugs or order, click HERE https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/shop/Smart-Monitor-Smart-Plug-Plus-p462324033

However, not all UV bulbs, halogens, or ceramic heat emitters dimmable.  Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for each bulb or heating element prior to use with a dimming plug of any kind.  Temperature changes may vary with dimming and will require monitoring.  VivTech Products Humidity and Temperature Sensors ( link text to https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/shop/Smart-Monitor-Temperature-and-Humidity-Sensor-p307885207 ) are a great way to monitor these changes in real time from the same VivTech App that controls the Smart Plug Plus.  These plugs are great for those who keep animals and want to create schedules for lighting, heating, misting, etc as well with advanced schedule creation.  You can view more information on the specifics HERE https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/shop/Smart-Monitor-Smart-Plug-Plus-p462324033

If you purchased one of the Smart Plug Plus or you are curious what installation looks like, you can find that information HERE https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/smart-monitor-tutorials/31-smart-monitor-smart-plug-plus-tutorial


VivTech Products Smart Power Station

Our most versatile product when it comes to controlling multiple features at once!  Each grounded outlet is individually controllable through the VivTech App for precise scheduling.  Use the outlets to control the misting, heating, and UV lighting all at once, each with their own schedules and ability to be remotely shut off or turned on through the VivTech App as desired.  These outlets are NOT dimmable however.  To view more of the specifics and order yours, click HERE https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/shop/Ex-Situ-Smart-Power-Strip-p517842694

In order to determine whether you are approaching the max load of 3,450 Watts, simply add the wattage used by each of the items plugged into the VivTech Products Smart Power Station.  Always use the “Loading Wattage” if stated by the Manufacturer when calculating.

The cord is 5 feet long and features a grounded plug at the end for extra security.  The 4 USB ports are capable of fast charging your equipment, including your smart phones, and Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera (link to https://vivtechproducts.com/index.php/shop/Smart-Monitor-In-Situ-Camera-p307894075 )

These are a personal favorite here at VivTech Products and are well utilized!


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