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 VivTech Products Privacy and Security Policy


Updated November 2023


One of the leading reasons we work hard to produce the Smart Monitor Technology pieces we do is because we at VivTech Products value our autonomy.  We do not like the idea of someone else being able to look into our homes without our consent, even if it is only to look at a gecko in an enclosure or a chinchilla sleeping on their marble stone after a dust bath.  That is why we release our products slowly, and carefully, to make sure that we are providing the best experience we can to you, our customers, and fellow exotic animal enthusiasts who may or may not also have young children around.  Protecting privacy and providing security you, and we, can trust is what drives our innovation in Smart Monitor Technology.


If you ever have any concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately.


Can Smart Monitor Technology be Used with Alexa or Siri?

Technically, yes.  However, we have disabled these abilities to provide greater safety and security.


Why Does the VivTech App Ask for My Location?

The VivTech App does not share your information.  If it did, we, as the owners of VivTech Products wouldn’t use it ourselves.  We love you, but we don’t want you all visiting us J  The VivTech App that is needed to run your VivTech Smart Monitor Technology relies on the location for information on local temperature, humidity, and other factors that right now do not mean as much as they will in future updates.  In future updates, this feature will be essential and will not be based likely on your home address as much as on a location in the world.  We know that sounds cryptic and confusing, but trust us, it will make sense in a few updates.


What Happens to the Information I Give VivTech Products on the Website and/or the VivTech App?

The information we receive from you is stored and never sold.  VivTech Products does not have access to payment methodology details.  We can see how a payment was made but not the details of the account such as the account number.  Payments online are made securely via PayPal and Square.  Your information given on the website, www.vivtechproducts.com, is used to create an account for purchasing.  You can choose to purchase as a guest if desired, but information will still need to be given for delivery of the products.  Information is never sold.  VivTech Products does not believe in the sale of e-mail lists nor are we selling or transferring customer information.  If you receive e-mails from us, they will be:

1.      Regarding your order.

2.     Regarding items in your cart that you left (if enabled)

3.     An update that a product is in stock (if enabled)

4.     An answer to a question you asked us


What if I Receive a Suspicious E-Mail?

Do not reply!  VivTech Products will never request your username or your password, ever!  We don’t need to!  We also will never ask you for payment information.  We may ask for proof of purchase, when we ask for that, just give us the order number. 


If you feel that you are receiving something suspicious, call us at 224-532-9408 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we take scamming and spamming very seriously and are very sick of seeing it run rampant across the internet lately.


Again, NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION!!  We promise, we are never going to ask for it.



Why Do You Use Cookies on Your Website?

They aren’t collecting information that we can use and you honestly don’t need to accept them.  Cookies are a way for us to give you a more personalized visit and make it more convenient but are not necessary by any means.



Ultimately, if you have any concerns, or questions, just ask.  We are happy to answer your concerns.