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 Which VivTech Smart Plug is Right for You?

At VivTech Products we have a growing number of products called Smart Monitor Plugs.  These plugs are controllable with our VivTech App which you can find in the Apple Store and Google Store for smart phones.  Currently, the app does not work with desktops or laptops but can be used with tablets.  The VivTech App allows full control of each VivTech Products Smart Monitor Plug, and can be assigned to specific animal environmental needs (“UV Lights”, “Heat Light”, etc).  As long as you have access to Wi-Fi you will have access to your VivTech Smart Monitor Plugs at home!  Talk about versatility and relief!

How to Set-Up 2.4 GHz With My Internet

VVivTech Smart Monitor Technology uses 2.4GHz internet.  The reason we use this frequency is because the radiofrequency that delivers your Wi-Fi goes through solid objects the best and covers a larger area than 5 GHz (what you usually use for your phone, laptop, etc).

This article only covers the top internet providers.  Each provider may be different.  Information is taken directly from the internet supplier and a link provided for your ease.



Is Your Tortoise Healthy?

The old way of telling if an animal was healthy was answering the questions, “Is it eating?” and “Is it breeding?” – as herpetology evolved, we started focusing on the weight animals to determine health.  This presented issues similar to the human BMI score issues.  Weight does not equal health.  How can you make sure your tortoise is healthy? We found a Body Condition Score study by Dr. Nadine Lamberski, Dipl ACZM of San Diego Zoo to guide you!  Click here for to learn more!