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VivTech officially launched at the NARBC Show, June 19-20, in Schaumburg, IL. The company also supported USARK at their auction on Saturday night.

Modern herpetoculture still believes that some snakes, geckos, monitors, and many other species don’t need UVB because they are nocturnal. Studies show that even reptiles that are most active at night still bask or hide with access to the sun’s rays, giving them the UVA and UVB they need. With the SurSun LED bulb series, you can provide UVA and UVB to any reptiles in your care. It’s time to improve our husbandry. It’s time for The VivTech Era.

The SurSun UV Meter is designed to test the UV irradiance of reptile UVB bulbs. The meter has a LCD display screen making it easy to read the value of the UVB output!