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HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium)


HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium) 24-HT-HAL-P30-SN
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The HySun Halogen Heat Bulbs are the best way to offer better gradients for your reptile or exotic pet. The beam shape of heat and light produced, allows individual animals to achieve their needs. The white light offered by HySun bulbs offers a bright light to attract day time baskets, and really show off their colors!

VivTech HySun Halogen Heat Bulbs are splash resistant, and fully dimmable! The heat and light are both dimmable in tandem allowing for greater versatility and gradient control. You can use these seamlessly with the VivTech App on your mobile device and the Smart Monitor Smart Plug Plus or the Ex-Situ Smart Power Strip.

For best results, consider combining our HySun Halogen Heat Bulbs with VivTech SurSurn UVA/UVB LED lighting for exceptional animal care and energy savings!


Unlike other heat bulbs, halogen bulbs do not contain mercury. They can be disposed of safely in the trash or recycled at recycling centers or through locations such as:

  • Lowes and Home Depot (each store has their own rules)
  • IKEA (again, each store has their own rules)
  • Technology stores
  • You can also visit Earth 911 and find options as well!
Animal Use Only

On April 26, 2022, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) adopted consumer facing rules that focus on general service lamps, such as halogen lamps. Fortunately, those needed for special use, such as heating for reptiles, exotic pets, and zoo animals, can be sold by animal product manufacturers. That is how VivTech Products is able to bring you HySun Halogen Heat Bulbs and will be able to continue modifying them as well.

Heat Warning

VivTech HySun Halogen Heat Bulbs may continue to be hot even after being turned off for a prolonged period of time. Handle all bulbs carefully. When in doubt, use heat resistant materials to handle bulbs and/or infrared thermometers to monitor the temperature of the bulb prior to handling.

HySun Halogen Heat bulbs, as with all sources of heat, should be kept away from flammable or combustible materials, gases, and liquids.


VivTech Products offers a manufacturer 30 day warranty on HySun Halogen Heat Bulbs. Please, reach out to info@vivtechproducts.com with information or to make a claim.

Brand:VivTech Products
HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium)
HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium)
HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium)
HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium)
HySun Halogen Heat Bulb (Medium)