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Smart Monitor Smart Plug


Smart Monitor Smart Plug 22-SM-PST-DC-EX-1
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VivTech Smart Monitor App devices allow you to take the next step in advancing husbandry by offering tailored controls and monitoring right to your phone or tablet!The VivTech Smart Monitor Smart Plug allows you to schedule when your lights and misters turn on and off with the addition of manual options through the VivTech App.

The VivTech Smart Monitor Smart Plug allows the keeper to schedule when husbandry elements turn on and off.The additional ability to access the on and off function through the VivTech App allows for greater versatility. You can feel secure with our 6-month limited warranty.

The planted out palidarium looks amazing!Those Peacock Day Geckos are going to love it, especially that new misting system you installed.You have always been a traditionalist, using a hand pumped water sprayer to mist your enclosures.Now, with this beautiful terrarium and all the plants growing in you made the switch to an automated misting system but worry that it will malfunction and flood the house!Fortunately, you picked up a Smart Monitor Smart Plug and plugged your misting system right into it.With the VivTech App you set the exact times you wanted the mister to turn on and off and it is works like a charm!Time to build more epic vivariums …

The Smart Monitor Smart Plug provides unparalleled ability to schedule the on/off cycle for lighting or misting based on specific times set by you through the VivTech App.You can control the Smart Monitor Smart Plug from anywhere there is WiFi or 4G access!

For those who want the deeper details on the Smart Monitor Smart Plug, we have you covered:

  • V0 fire retardant ABS+PC material
  • Fits into any standard grounding wall plug
  • Works on 2.4 GHz WiFi Network
  • No distance limitations as long as WiFi or 4G is accessible
  • 100-240V AC 50/60Hz rated voltage
  • Can operate up to 80% humidity

Please, follow this set-up tutorial for your plug: Smart Plug

Smart Monitor Smart Plug
Smart Monitor Smart Plug