Pothos Plant

Ideal for:

  • Chameleons
  • Box Turtles
  • Water Dragons
  • Red Eared Sliders

The VivTech SurSun is the first true UVB emitting LED spot bulb designed for reptiles and amphibians without harmful UVC! The Jungle Cover SurSun is perfect for your pet that loves the trees, wheter they are in the branches or at the bottom of them!

The VivTech Jungle Cover SurSun uses LEDs to reduce energy use to only 3W. With a bulb life of 20,000 hours (that's roughly 4/12 years!) you can feel secure in our 2-year limited warranty.

Walking across the grassy plains of Kansas, an Eastern Box Turtle makes its way to the forest edge to hunt for worms, soaking up the sunlight along the way.Along the banks of a river in Thailand deep in the tropical jungles, a Water Monitor sits partially shaded and absorbing energy from the sun to hunt later.VivTech’s SurSun Jungle Cover was designed with these more tropical and temporate species in mind.While they still require UVB, much of the sunlight in their habitat is filtered through layers of leaves from the trees above and they only get direct sunlight sporadically throughout the day.A basking spot between 12-15” is perfect for Green Iguanas, Aquatic Turtles, Tropical Tortoises, and most Chameleons.

The SurSun bulb answers the two main pain points for keepers who need quality ultraviolet radiation on a multitude of spectrums: UVB Bulbs are normally big and bulky, and not to mention expensive! With the TruSun UVB bulb, you cut your costs down with a lower-cost bulb, plus less wattage use than traditional UVB bulbs.

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