Pothos Plant

Ideal for:

  • Rhino Iguanas
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Desert Tortoise
  • Uromastyx

The VivTech SurSun is the first true UVB emitting LED spot bulb designed for reptiles and amphibians without harmful UVC! The Mid-Day Blaze SurSun is perfect for your full-sun seeking pets who would be out basking on the rocks or in the open during the day.

The VivTech Mid-Day Blaze SurSun uses LEDs to reduce energy use to only 3W. With a bulb life of 20,000 hours (that's roughly 4/12 years!) you can feel secure in our 2-year limited warranty.

On a rock in the hottest desert in the Middle East, a Uromastyx basks under the intense mid-day sun.Around the world a Rhinoceros Iguana sits out on the beach in Haiti absorbing energy and much needed UV light and defending its territory.Both animals evolved to bask in some of the most intense sunlight on earth.VivTech’s SurSun Mid-Day Blaze is the perfect UV bulb for your sun loving desert and mid-day basking species.A basking spot between 12-16” is perfect for Uromastyx, Bearded Dragons, and Rock Iguanas.This bulb also works great for your more tropical species such as Green Iguanas and Chinese Water Dragons with a basking platform 30” away from the bulb.

The SurSun bulb answers the two main pain points for keepers who need quality ultraviolet radiation on a multitude of spectrums: UVB Bulbs are normally big and bulky, and not to mention expensive! With the TruSun UVB bulb, you cut your costs down with a lower-cost bulb, plus less wattage use than traditional UVB bulbs.

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